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General Information

Military Branch:
Royal Air Force (United Kingdom) 
Serial Number:
Bomber Command 
No. 115 Squadron RAF 
Airborne 18:48 on 24 Mar 1944 from Witchford to bomb a target in Berlin. Returning to base at 19,000 feet, shot down by a night-fighter (believed Oblt Heinz Rökker 2./NJG 2) and crashed in flames at Hirschberg zwischen Oberkirchen und Westfeld, 5 km E of Schmallenberg. Those killed were buried at Oberkirchen on 26 Apr 1943. They have been subsequently re-interred in the Hanover War Cemetery. Sgt Cleary was repatriated, arriving in Liverpool aboard the Arundel Castle on 6 Feb 1945.

F/S J.A.Newman 1575537 RAFVR (Pilot) killed
Sgt E.W.J.Warren 1818249 RAFVR (Flt Engr) killed
Sgt J.P.Cleary 1454243 RAFVR (Navigator) injured
Sgt C.A.Hilder 1397651 RAFVR (Bomb Aimer) killed
Sgt G.R.Burwell 1578621 RAFVR (WOp AG) PoW
Sgt N.S.Alkemade 1431537 RAFVR (Mid Up AG) PoW
Sgt J.J.McDonough 1895574 RAFVR (Rear AG) killed

Sgt G.R.Burwell was interned in Camps L6/357. PoW No.3386. See Walley (2001), page 137. Sgt J.P.Cleary was confined in Hospital due injuries until repatriated. Sgt N.S.Alkemade was interned in Camp L3. PoW No.4175. He actually fell 18,000 feet without a parachute. Sgt Alkemade submitted the following report PW/BR/55602/44: "A chap has beaten my record - he came down from 22,000 feet without a parachute, four thousand more than I did, but we are both alive and I did come off slightly better"". Sgt Alkemade died in 1987. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_Alkemade.

DS664 was one of four No.115 Sqdn Lancasters lost on this operation. See: DS678, LL694, LL730.

Serial range DS601 - DS852. This aircraft was one of 200 Lancasters ordered from Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft in 1941 and built as Mk.IIs from Sep 1942 to Dec 1943 with, up to DS627, Hercules VI engines and the remainder Hercules XVI engines. DS664 was delivered to No.115 Sqdn in May 1943. DS664 also wore the ID KO-X/D DS664 took part in the following key operations: Hamburg 25/26 Jul 1943, Hamburg 27/28 Jul 1943, Peenemünde 17/18 Aug 1943, Berlin 18/19 Nov 1943, Berlin 26/27 Nov 1943-aborted, Berlin 2/3 Dec 1943, Berlin 16/17 Dec 1943, Berlin 24/25 Mar 1944-Lost. When lost this aircraft had a total of 238 hours.

McNeill, Ross (ed.). (2003). Air Force PoWs 1939 to 1945: Compiled from AIR 20/2336.

Chorley, W R. (1997). RAF Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War, Vol 5 – 1944. Midland Publishing. ISBN: 0904597911.

Walley, Brian et al. (2001). Silk and Barbed Wire. The Royal Air Forces Ex Prisoner of War Association. ISBN: 0958596115., page 137.

Mackersey, Ian. (1978). Into the Silk. Harper Collins. ISBN: 0583127932.
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Start Airport:
Loss Location:
Hirschberg zwischen Oberkirchen und Westfeld Germany
enemy aircraft 
Shot by:
Oblt Heinz Rökker 2./NJG 2 
Luftwaffe Casualty-No.:
Former / Ehemaliger Website lostbombers.co.uk
Bomber Command Loss Card
Fliegerblätter 4/13 und 5/13 (107/13)
ISBN 9780297853213 Men of Air by K.Wilson pge 130 refers
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ID Rank Name Position Destiny Date of birth Personal ID Burial Place
1 Flight Sergeant James Arthur Newman Pilot killed 0000-00-00 1575537 HANOVER WAR CEMETERY, 3. F. 18.
2 Sergeant Edgar William John Warren Flight Engineer killed 0000-00-00 1818249 HANOVER WAR CEMETERY, 3. F. 17.
3 Sergeant John P Cleary Navigator parachute descent, wounded 0000-00-00 1454243
4 Sergeant Charles Alfred Hilder Bomb Aimer killed 0000-00-00 1397651 HANOVER WAR CEMETERY, 3. F. 16.
5 Sergeant Geoffrey R Burwell WOp AG parachute descent, prisoner of war 0000-00-00 1578621
6 Sergeant Nicholas Stephen Alkemade Rear Gunner prisoner of war 0000-00-00 1431537
7 Sergeant John Joseph McDonough Mid Upper Gunner killed 0000-00-00 1895574 HANOVER WAR CEMETERY, 3. F. 15.


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